WP8 Training and research on frailty

  WP8 Review 1 

WP8 1 Building workforce capacity on frailty prevention a Systematic Review
In this report the evidence of models for education and training of professionals involved in the Frailty Prevention Approach is evaluated.


WP8 Review 2 

WP 8.1 Report on the content, scope and gaps on frailty and frailty prevention in the curricula of the participant Member States’ health related workforce 


WP8 Review 2   

WP8 2 Extending and expanding the knowledge on frailty to foster innovative policy on frailty a Sistematic Review
Despite the large number of research programs funded by public and private agencies, thousands of publications and a myriad of articles in lay press, many relevant issues are still unsolved in the field of frailty. WP8.2 identifies what are the relevant issues in which research may contribute to generate advances. This document summarizes those identified in a systematic review of the literature, European Union (EU)-funded research projects and inputs from the different WPs.



WP8 Review 2

WP.8.2. Report on a framework to design programmes which identify research gaps on frailty 


WP8 result3

Internediate Product: Identifying Best Practice Criteria in Health Education in Europe for Use in the Joint Action on Frailty Prevention „Advantage“ - A Core Criteria Set modified from „Best Practices Evaluation“ in Europe.