WP2 Communication, awareness and dissemination

Communication, dissemination and awareness

ADVANTAGE JA communication and dissemination activities (WP2) aim to create awareness about frailty and ensure that information about the activities and results of the JA will reach its target groups in the participant Member States and at European (EU) level.
Dissemination is essential for take-up, and take-up is crucial for the success of the JA and for the sustainability of the outputs in the long term. Dissemination is a horizontal activity involving all ADVANTAGE partners and affiliated entities, to create a snowball effect in spreading ADVANTAGE results and information!
WP2 activities will provide policy-makers, as well as providers and managers in the health and social sector, evidence-based tools to face the challenge that frailty and disability represents to the sustainability of the EU welfare state. WP2 will ensure that all target groups are aware of and engaged in the JA, so that it can make a sustainable impact on policy making and in the prevention and management of frailty.
ADVANTAGE JA target groups:
- policy makers;
- health and social care professionals working in the field;
- formal and informal care givers and EU older people.
ADVANTAGE JA will be communicated and disseminated via different media, such as:
- website;
- social media (Facebook and Twitter)
- biannual newsletter;
- publications and presentations at national and international level;
- other media channels;
- leaflet;
- layman report;
- other media channels



Press Releases


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WP2 Leader: Regione Marche - Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria

WP2 co-leader: Universitatea Babes Bolyai