Our Work

The work to be done for delivering the ADVANTAGE JA is structured in 8 Work Packages (WP).

A WP is a building block of the work breakdown structure that allows the JA management to define the steps necessary for completion of the work. Breaking down the work into WP allows multiple teams to work simultaneously or sequentially on different components of the JA. Each team follows the steps defined in the WP plan and completes them by the specified deadlines. When all teams have finished their individual WP, the whole JA comes together and the objectives have been achieved.

Depending on the kind of tasks, a distinction can be made between content WP, which focus on the tasks that will lead to the JA outcomes (WP4 to WP8), and horizontal WPs, that are concerned with the management of the JA (WP1, WP2 and WP3).

All WPs have a number of key elements. Namely: objectives; activities; timetable and milestones; outputs and deliverables; roles and responsibilities.

Breaking down ADVANTAGE JA into different WPs is a way to manage the steps that are necessary for the completion of the JA. Therefore, it is important to ensure the integration of the work of each WP within the broader JA framework. In this regard the role of WP1 (Coordinator) is fundamental but it cannot be successful without the support of WP leaders and the commitment of all partners.

WPs are divided between the organisations which collaborate in the JA and one of them is in charge of a given WP. Furthermore, it also specifies which tasks will be carried out by whom and with whom, and who in each organisation will oversee the completion of the WP. Their respective work is addressed to achieve certain goals and to produce a number of deliverables in specific dates.