The EU Health Summit 2020 organized by the EU Health Coalition, a multi-stakeholder initiative of 33 organizations active in the EU health sector, was held last October 26th.

During the Summit, the report “A shared vision for the future of health in Europe: lessons learnt from the covid-19 pandemic”, recently published, has been promoted.
Following key points are synthesis of the lessons learnt:

  • Supporting the measurement and collection of standardized health data, including results relevant to people and patients, in all European health care systems
  • Create a forum for better access to healthcare innovation
  • Facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships with regions and cities
  • Ensuring effective health coordination and leadership in the EU
  • Investing in Europe as a real research and innovation pole
  • Coordinate research efforts across Europe to address complex emerging health challenges together
  • Ensure greater flexibility to support trans-national research
  • Establishing an ethical framework for artificial intelligence that is flexible and specific to the healthcare sector

In the event it has been stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the weaknesses of our health care systems; it is crucial to improve overall response and preparedness for health emergencies, while ensuring cross-border cooperation and collaboration within partnerships.
Moreover it has highlighted the need to introduce a shared EU competence for emergencies as well as the need to work on health reforms for focus health systems more on the promotion of health care and disease prevention.

In addition it is stressed that EU Member States should find more synergies in the various financing and investment instruments since all they are part of a solution to current health challenges.

You can download the report here.