The ADVANTAGE JA Expert Panel meeting, was held on the 25th and 26th September 2017 at the Llatzeret de Maó, headquarters of the XXVIII edition of the Public Health Summer School of Menorca, Spain.

The meeting was part of ADVANTAGE JA implementation activities. Participants discussed the State of Art draft reports 1 prepared by WP partners and which were peer reviewed by the EP and on the ways of convincing policy makers to address frailty prevention and assessment in Europe. 

The objectives were:

- To review the draft reports on State of Art on frailty in Europe, prepared by ADVANTAGE JA partners.

- To discuss on how to convince policy makers on the need for disability prevention by addressing frailty as its main risk factor.

- To identify key ideas for tackling frailty from an EU policy perspective and discuss how to get the message through.


Participants were the EP members, the WP4-WP8 leaders and co-leaders, a Commission representative and members of the JA Coordination Team. The complete final list is provided in Annex 1.

Dynamic and results
The EP meeting was very well conducted and participants actively participated. It developed in a friendly, professional and collaborative atmosphere. This success could had never been achieved without the generosity to share participants´ own experience and knowledge and without the excellent predisposition by all to accept critics and consider different points of views. FromTheBridge small
All sessions devoted to jointly discuss each of the State of Art drafts run smoothly and as foreseen, with each respective WP representative explaining key ideas of their report, answering to the main questions raised and followed by the EP comments on the scientific contents and the ways of presenting the results and conclusions.
Overall, the EP meeting proof to be a unique occasion for scientific and policy debate, to exchange ideas oriented to the achievement of ADVANTAGE JA aims and to elaborate and advance in a common understanding of what the Frailty State of Art final reports might look like and what they are intended to.
Through all the meeting there was an active exchange of views between the JA partners and the EP members on a number of ideas reflected in the drafts and on how these could be further improved and tailored to the stakeholders’ audience so as to result in improved final versions of the reports.
Participants´ opinion on the EP meeting convey an excellent impression about the meeting and great satisfaction with the work that took place and with the results obtained. Annex 3 provides detailed information on the evaluation.


Inés García-Sánchez
Deputy Coordinator


Video of the meeting