The local health authority Benevento (IT), Falkiewicz hospital (PL), integral health consortium Barcelona and Santander city council (ES) invite interested bidders to participate in the open market consultation for their upcoming E-CARE pre-commercial procurement.

A Prior information notice is available here.

It provides early information about the expected starting date and purchase volume for a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and about the open market consultation that is organised in preparation of this procurement.
The procurement aims to deliver disruptive digital solutions for the prevention and comprehensive management of frailty to encourage independent living, wellbeing and to relieve health and care services budget pressure, throughout the implementation of a pre-commercial procurement scheme. Solutions should improve outcomes for frailty in old adults entailing the physical and the psychosocial factors. The target group are the pre-frail/frail old adults with emphasis on those that feel lonely and/or isolated.
The procurers will procure the development, testing and implementation of digital tools/services and communication concepts to facilitate the transition to integrated care models across health and social services and country-specific cross-institutional set-ups.