On the 8th of June 2017, the second Steering Committee (SC) meeting of the Joint Action ADVANTAGE was hosted in Edinburgh by NHS Lanarkshire, the third largest NHS health board in Scotland. On the 9th of June a Study visit to learn about models of care for older people in Scotland and to share lessons from the coordination of the JA on Dementia was organized.

The SC is the board responsible of supporting the Coordinator, and thus their feed-back is needed and welcome to improve the quality and richness of the JA. A total of 12 participants (representing the work packages (WP) leaders and co-leaders) and 2 secretaries attended. Participants were actively involved in reporting progress on the JA activities. The work done towards the State of Art document was discussed. The drafts will be reviewed by the Expert Panel (EP) and discussed during the meeting in Mao on 25-26 September.

In order to get a final coherent document. A number of background documents to guide and support a homogenous development of the work produced in these past months, have been approved to make them official. The JA implementation is in broad terms progressing well. Main deliverables have been finalized as expected and milestones reached as scheduled.

The study visit was attended by SC members as well as other health and care professionals from organisations in Scotland interested and involved in frailty prevention and management. Lessons learned from the coordination of the JA on Dementia 2 were presented and a discussed in order to incorporate ideas in the ADVANTAGE JA. An outline of health and social care for older people in Scotland was given by the host and then various activities and ideas were presented as good practice. The main themes were: living well in later life (physical activity; community connections; reducing falls and loneliness); coordinated care and support at home (anticipatory care planning and management; identifying complexity / frailty in primary care; support for caregivers); managing transitions; (including polypharmacy reviews); managing frailty in hospital and care homes; and. Technology Enabled Care.
The study visit was very interesting and ideas and concepts will be useful for future work of the ADVANTAGE JA.