On 10th June 2019 The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) in Helsinki, Finland held their National Stakeholder meeting to provide an update on the EU projects and actions situation, present national health promotion actions and good practices of frailty prevention, to present the first draft of the Finnish Road Map and work together to improve it, and finally to discuss how to implement the Advantage’s results and recommendations.

The main themes were:

  • Advantage project presentation: situation of work packages and tasks and the Frailty Prevention Approach document; presentation of a first version of the Finnish roadmap and discussion on its implementation.
  • Stakeholders’ presentations in health promotion actions and good practices.
  • Reminder of Advantage communication channels (web pages, Facebook, twitter etc.) and Face up to frailty – campaign.
  • The stakeholders network: support to the project, expanding the network, motivation and engagement, wishes to THL and to the project.

Main conclusions and results:

  • Participants considered the Advantage JA has gone well and has done a lot.
  • Participants gave feedback and some suggestions on Finnish roadmap draft. They thought the road map is an important tool to implement Advantage’s results and recommendations to the practice. They promised to help THL with the roadmap.
  • Participants presented their own actions and good practices concerning frailty prevention. There was a discussion and reflection on how cooperation between different stakeholders could be continued and what kind of networks is needed to spread information. We decided to continue this kind of discussion and cooperation after the end of the Advantage JA.
  • Participants were active and discussion was lively. Participants said that the Advantage JA is very important and its content is really topical. They promised to spread information in their own networks and to help implement the roadmap.
  • THL encouraged participants to read the Advantage web pages and to produce information to web page and to participate in the Face up to frailty – campaign.
  • At the end of the meeting, the participants like to know what the ADVANTAGE JA time table is and what will happen next.
  • Participants were very satisfied with the meeting and the information they received. They want to be informed via e-mail every time when something new and significant happens in the JA.
  • THL promised to organise next meeting in the autumn 2019.