Ageing in health and with a good quality of life is the theme of the event held on the 25th of June in Rome, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health.

The event was organized by the Marche Region, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Italian partners of the JA engaged in the prevention of frailty in older people and to promote active and healthy aging: the National Institute of Rest and Care for the Elderly INRCA, the Institute of Health ISS and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart UCSC and Agenas, the regions Campania, Liguria, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna, and with the support of the National Programme for the Internationalization of Regional Health Systems "ProMis".

The national event was dedicated to policy makers and professionals in the health and social sector with the aim of creating greater awareness about the first joint European action dedicated to the prevention of frailty in the elderly.

Lucia Di Furia - Director of the Health Service of the Marche Region explained that demographic change is one of the biggest challenges facing Europe today. In 2017, people aged 65 and over were about 99 million, that is 19.4% of the total EU population and the growing trend suggests an increase in age-related disabilities and dependency which, ultimately, will have an impact not only on the well-being of the individuals affected, but also on the sustainability of the health systems. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to innovate and redefine health systems to better address the new challenges of public health, with a particular focus on the needs of older people and the adoption of innovative approaches to service delivery.

Frailty is not an inevitable consequence of ageing, it can be prevented and is often reversible by adopting healthy lifestyles, offering older people the opportunity to live longer and in good health, without loss of functionality.

At the headquarters of the Ministry of Health in Rome on the 25th the main results of the JA, including the Frailty Prevention Approach and the proposal for the Italian Roadmap for a shared strategy to address the future in relation to frailty, were presented.

Luca Coletto, the Italian Under-Secretary for Health, underlined how the prevention and management of frailty is a public health priority in Italy and congratulated the JA Partners on the good work. Participants included policy makers from the MoH and the regional level, professionals from the health and social sectors and civil society.

Both the FPA and the Roadmap were received with great interest and positive feedback was gathered. Also, the #faceuptofrailty campaign, in which all ADVANTAGE member states are participating, was officially launched in Italy with the aim of raising public awareness.