The conference "Managing Frailty Today for Tomorrow" was held at Brdo pri Kranju in Slovenia on November 22nd 2017. The conference has been jointly organised by the National Institute of Public Health, the Slovenian Ministry of Health, and the World Health Organization. The event presented initial findings and results from the Joint Action Project on the prevention of frailty (ADVANTAGE-JA). The Ministry of Health in Slovenia follows with high attention the progresses made by the JA.

The main purpose of the conference was to raise awareness among the stakeholders about the relevance of the topic – i.e. the management of frailty - and the ADVANTAGE-JA project itself. The conference was structured into two parts. First, an overview of demographic change related issues and challenges was presented and the challenges of aging with emphasis on frailty discussed. Second, ADVANTAGE-JA and its first results were presented, as well as the foreseen activities to be undertaken. These results will serve for the preparation of a unified European frailty prevention model, providing at the same time, a basis for the development and improvement of national strategies for frailty and multimorbidity management. The conference also addressed the measures, foreseen for the overall development of geriatric medicine in Slovenia, which are defined in the Resolution on the National Health Care Plan 2016–2025. About 50 people attended the workshop, including experts, professionals, and stakeholders representatives.