The 1st Scientific Meeting «Prevention and Management of Frailty: a new challenge for individuals and society» has taken place in Ioannina, Region of Epirus, in the Regional Council Room on the 28th of September 2017. The 1st Scientific Meeting, organized by the Society of Psychosocial Research and Interevention (SPRI ) involved the Regional level, Region of Epirus in Greece.

22095661 10214640873274712 627074667 oThe Region of Epirus, one of Greece’s 13 administrative regions, in the Northwestern Greece is consisted of 4 Regional Units – Ioannina, Arta, Preveza and Thesprotia. The Prevention and Management of Frailty is of great importance and should be a priority of our local and regional authorities as according to the statistical demographic data of the Regional Unit of Ioannina only, Region of Epirus, the rate of population ageing (elderly over 60 years of age) is about 27,8% of the population, quite higher than the corresponding proportion in the entire Greek territory that is 24,7% and presents both internal differentiation (in urban-semirural area is 21% and in rural areas 41%) and a strong upward tendency.

The aim of this Scientific Event was to present the “ADVANTAGE” Joint Action to local and regional Stakeholder Groups, reiterate the importance of preventing and managing geriatric frailty and open the first public debate in order to promote changes in the implementation of care in the health and social systems in the Region of Epirus. Finally, the aim was also to establish ways of cooperation and make the first steps in order to gather synergies among the Stakeholders of these 4 Regional Units and ADVANTAGE JA.

Representatives of health and social services policy makers and suppliers of services, hospitals, universities, care homes, day centers, services of the Municipalities and Regional Services, professional health associations, Patients associations, NGOs, and private stakeholders working with older people attended and had an active role during the debate phase. The main topics addressed were Frailty and its causes, consequences and interventions, the Advantage JA was presented and the Models of care for Frail older people. During the debate phase, the participants posed questions regarding:
- the definition of Frailty;
- the impact of Greek financial and psychosocial Crisis on the frail older people;
- the role of public health on Frailty and the need to be addressed as a public health priority;
- the need of education of the healthcare professionals;
- the need for integration and continuity of care in EU health care systems.

The vice Regional Governor for Health and Social Policy, Mrs Mitrokosta Panagiota, the Head of Public Health of the region Epirus Nikopoulos Ioannis and the Superior of Social Services of the same region Kampouri Despoina along with the Scientific Leader of SPRI Pappas Evangelos opened and closed the meeting with the support of the Speakers – members of the team of SPRI for ADVANTAGE (Maria Koula, Psychologist, Michail Doumas, Internist on primary Care and Alexandra Velivasi, Sociologist).

Key messages regarding Frailty were successfully passed to the stakeholders and the ground for further and fruitful interactions and collaborations spreading the vision of JA ADVANTAGE in the Region of Epirus has been prepared.