Brdo Congress Centre, Slovenia, 22 November 2017

 The number of frail people, ageing with multiple chronic diseases, i.e. with multimorbidity, and at risk of developing long-term care needs is increasing dramatically in Slovenia. For the time being, the Slovenian health care systems lacks of a proactive approach to systematically screen and provide optimal care for these people, despite the Resolution on the National Health Care Plan 2016–2025 has anticipated activities to provide a comprehensive geriatric care for frail patients with multimorbidity at all levels of the healthcare system.

The “Managing Frailty Today for Tomorrow” conference will address these fundamental issues. It is organized by the Slovenian Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Public Health of the Republic Slovenia. The latter participates in the JA-ADVANTAGE, which presents a unique opportunity for a wider integration of stakeholders in the field, as well as awareness-raising activities about frailty, its management and possible interventions in the Country.
At the conference, the challenges of aging with frailty, which is a frequent condition for chronically ill people with multimorbidity will be discussed and results of the JA-ADVANTAGE project will be presented. These results will serve as a basis for the preparation of a unified European “frailty prevention model” and for the development and improvement of strategies for managing frailty and multimorbidity in the EU. The JA will also address the measures aimed at the development of geriatric medicine in Slovenia, which are defined in the Resolution on the National Health Care Plan 2016–2025. The participation of Slovenian partners in the JA represents indeed a step forward in the implementation of these measures in the national healthcare system.