Early detection, prevention and management of frailty: Introducing the FrailSafe system

Sandra Degelsegger from AGE Platform Europe describes the EU FrailSafe Project, launched in 2016, as an ongoing, longitudinal study, which explores an innovative solution to detect, quantify, manage and prevent frailty.
Starting from clinical and technical data sources and real-time processing of that data via an online platform, EU FrailSafe offers individualized feedback to the patient. In EU FrailSafe, an Frailsafeindividualized, integrated Virtual Patient Model (VPM) is created. A wide range of clinical data, such as the patient’s medical history, cognitive status, self-care ability, nutritional status, living conditions, social life, and other parameters, are entered by the clinician. Then, using technological instruments, such as wearable technology, smartphones, GPS and other devices, the VPM is actively fed with physiological data, such as patient’s body weight, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate, postural and movement information, indoors and outdoors localization and cognitive performance. Sandra explains that EU FrailSafe promotes an integrated system to empirically assess and manage frailty and provide real-time targeted suggestions to the individuals, their caregivers and healthcare professionals. The goal of the system is the multimodal approach of frailty to better understand and describe the syndrome, explore its causal relations with other comorbidities and define the predictive factors which lead to the progression of the disease.
Read more about FrailSafe research project at the following link: http://frailsafe-project.eu/