Ministerio da Saude - Republica Portuguesa (DGS)

LogoDGS vetorial rev01The Directorate-General of Health (DGH) is a Ministry of Health’s central service, and his mission is to regulate, guide and coordinate the health promotion and disease prevention activities, define the technical conditions to the adequate provision of healthcare, plan and schedule the national policies to the quality of the health system, as well as to ensure the production and execution of the National Health Plan, and furthermore, coordinate the international relations of the Ministry of Health.
DGH coordinates several national specific health plans, namely about nutrition, physical activity, mental health, road safety and injury prevention, school health, workplace health, mother and child health, vaccines, chronic diseases, between others.
Several other subjects are developed by DGH as healthy lifestyles, active ageing, gender issues, oral health, radiations and health, between others.
DGH is also the national public health authority and coordinates the actions plans and activities in all health critical situations and in the health outbreaks and crisis.
DGH exerts its activity centered on the citizens’ interests in articulation and cooperation with the health professionals and other services and organizations, in particular the ones dependent on the Ministry of Health.
DGH is the reference service for all who think and act in the health field.