Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus (MOH)

logo Ministry CyprusThe Cyprus Ministry of Health has as a main responsibility the organization and provision of quality healthcare services and medical treatment to the citizens.
It cooperates based on a comprehensive strategy for the years 2016-2018, which was developed taking seriously into concern the current challenges and changes, such as the technological development, the competitiveness, the sustainable development and the globalization. One of the main goals of the strategy is the Promotion of Diseases and the Prevention of Health throughout the life cycle. Also the reinforcement and Upgrading of eHealth and the Development of Research, Technological Development and Innovation. Ministry of Health in Cyprus concerns everyone irrespective of their age, gender and status and is considered an integral part of frailty. Any illness can intervene with the normal aging process and it is the job of health and care services to support people in maintaining their dignity, autonomy and independence. This is the only way to ensure good health and a good quality of life. As associate partners with this project we will build a common understanding on frailty, develop and validate tools, and prepare common guidelines for the prevention of frailty. Also we will gain experience and expertise and learn ways of treating frail people.