The 5th Steering Committee (SC) meeting and the 2nd General Assembly (GA) meeting of the ADVANTAGE JA took place in Treviso (Italy), respectively on the 19th and the 20th of April. The meetings provided opportunities for discussions, networking and decision-making among the partners.


ADVANTAGE treviso3A total of 14 participants attended the SC. The 2017 work and implementation of the Joint Action (JA) were discussed and the overall evaluation indicates that the JA is progressing as expected and the key results are being achieved. Partners in each of the work packages (WP) have achieved and produced high quality products.
During the morning of the 20th a workshop was organised, where the Consortium discussed on the ways to analyse the survey of the Member States (MS) and produce their roadmaps.

ADVANTAGE treviso4During the GA the Coordinator thanked partners for attending and doing a hard work. He congratulated all on the good job the Consortium is doing, since the milestones and deliverables are met as scheduled and disagreements are being appropriately solved.

The JA is now in its most transcendental part, where the information and inputs provided will translate into policy recommendations. He remarks the quality of the technical components and the outstanding partners of the JA, which will allow the production of relevant and truly useful documents for European citizens. The increasing costs of disability in older people are putting at risk the sustainability of the welfare state, which must be defended also through addressing the first step of disability, i.e. frailty. This is the main aim of the JA: providing something useful for policy makers and citizens.

ADVANTAGE treviso2A productive and successfully work has been developed during the SC and GA. The next GA meeting will take place in Madrid, following the 13th of December 2018 Forum to present the draft Frailty Prevention Approach (FPA) document.ADVANTAGE treviso7