The ADVANTAGE JA Expert Panel meeting, has taken place on the 25th and 26th September 2017 in Mahón (Menorca - Spain). The Expert Panel (EP) was set-up to complement the expertise of the JA Consortium members and to peer-review the State of Art draft documents produced as deliverables of the work-packages WP4 to WP8.

 This meeting is part of ADVANTAGE JA implementation activities. EP members, the WP4-WP8 leaders and co-leaders, the Commission representative and some members of the JA Coordination Team attended in order to:

  • discuss the State of Art draft reports on frailty in Europe prepared by prepared by ADVANTAGE JA partners;
  • discuss how to convince policy makers on the need to address frailty prevention and assessment in order to prevent disability (frailty is its main risk factor);
  • identify key ideas for tackling frailty from an EU policy perspective and discuss how to get the message through.


The Commission representative introduced health care systems in the EU as a framework for the debate and for fine-tuning the JA recommendations. The meeting combined formal presentations, debates amongst the participants and closing remarks for future action.

The ADVANTAGE JA Expert Panel meeting, took place at the Llatzeret de Mahón, headquarters of the XXVIII edition of the Public Health Summer School, which covers courses and activities on participation and innovation in community health, urban health, research and challenges in public health. Therefore, participants were fully integrated in a public health atmosphere.
More detailed information on the ADVANTAGE JA Expert Panel meeting will be provided in the next issue of the newsletter

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