Two EU-funded projects, ADVANTAGE JA and EU FrailSafe, are jointly organising a webinar on Friday 19 October at 10:30 - 11:30 to discuss a frailty prevention approach.

- Ines Garía-Sánchez, Deputy-Coordinator of ADVANTAGE JA, will explain why frailty is important at EU level and how 22 Member States are jointly working towards a common policy for frailty prevention and management at national and regional levels.

- Kostas Deltouzos (University of Patras) and Javier Montesa (Brainstorm Multimedia), EU FrailSafe partners, will explain how technology can be used together with traditional methods to better assess frailty among older people and therefore adopt a pro-active preventive approach to delay the onset of frailty.

FrailSafe games have been created in order to help both clinicians and final users detecting and preventing frailty. Javier Montesa will explain how they have been designed and developed, how some of them are more oriented to cognitive abilities while others are more physical. Games will be presented individually, their rules, the abilities they focus on, the parameters they store, the required devices in order to play them, and the results we have obtained so far.

Time will be dedicated at the end of the presentations for questions.
We invite you to register before 17 October.

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