Together for frailty prevention – Joint Webinar Advantage JA & EU FrailSafe

On 19 October 2018, we organized a joint webinar with an EU-funded project FrailSafe, where 67 participants attended the session.
Both the JA and the project deal with frailty prevention, but from a different perspective.

Ines García-Sánchez, deputy-coordinator of the Advantage JA project, explained why frailty is important at the EU level and how 22 Member States are jointly working towards a common policy framework for frailty prevention and management at national and regional levels. Ines also invited interested stakeholders to the JA Forum on 13 December 2018, where the draft Frailty Prevention Approach will be discussed. Further information can be found here.

Afterwards, Kostas Deltouzos from the University of Patras and Javier Montesa from Brainstorm, both represented FrailSafe. Kostas explained how the developed IT system worked to better assess frailty at an early stage and therefore contribute to a preventive approach to delay the onset of frailty. Indeed, as stated by Ines, the syndrome can potentially be reversed in its early stages.
Finally, Javier went through the serious games developed in the framework of EU FrailSafe and how the different abilities (physical or cognitive) are taken into account for the users.

The webinar can be viewed again here.

- Ines García-Sánchez
- Kostas Deltouzos
- Javier Montesa

Joint Webinar Advantage JA & EU FrailSafe



The International Foundation for Integrated Care is delighted to present a series of webinars on people-centred integrated care in practice. The series will be hosted by IFIC Scotland in collaboration with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, the Health and Social Care Alliance, the University of the West of Scotland and the Scottish School of Primary Care. Each webinar will feature health and care practitioners from Scotland in conversation with colleagues from across the World.

In the First Webinar Series – Integrated Care Matters  all of the ‘Home and Away’ presenters have lived experience of implementing people-centred integrated care and will offer practical tips and peer support as part of IFIC’s global community of practice. Each one hour session will include insights from people who currently use health and social care support and from undergraduate students as our future workforce.

The Second Webinar Series - People-centred integrated care in practice will have a particular focus on active and healthy ageing and preventing and managing frailty. The webinars will be hosted by IFIC Scotland in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland, the Institute of Research and Innovation in Social Services, the Health and Social Care Alliance, and with ADVANTAGE Joint Action on the prevention and management of Frailty, co-funded by the European Union’s Health Programme.



First Webinar Series – Integrated Care Matters

Second Webinar Series – People-centred integrated care in practice