External Advisory Board

Demographic ageing is one of the most serious challenges that Europe is currently facing. Older people are at greatest risk of becoming frail and developing disability. This poses crucial challenges to the well-being of individuals and families and to the health and social care systems. However, frailty is not an inevitable consequence of ageing and thus, may be prevented and treated to foster a longer and healthier life.
ADVANTAGE Joint Action (JA), co-funded by the European Union and 22 Member States has 3 years to develop a common European approach to the prevention and management of frailty.
The Consortium has jointly achieved a number of deliverables and built an evidence based rationale for pushing frailty prevention as a priority in the public health and health care reform agenda. But it is crucial that our discourse does not get lost among so many other issues demanding attention at European and national plans.
To help us on this effort we have set-up an External Advisory Board (EAB). From 30th June

The members are:

  • Isabel de la Mata, Principal Adviser for Health and Crisis Management in the European Commission.
  • Finbarr C Martin, President, EUGMS. (European Geriatric Medicine Society).
  • Maddalena Illario, member A3 Action Group of EIPAHA. (European Innovation Partnership Active and Healthy Aging).
  • Julia Wadoux, AGE Platform Europe.

The EAB will:

  • Provide non-binding strategic advice to add value to the technical work prepared by the ADVANTAGE JA partners.
  • Critical reading of draft report of the Frailty Prevention Approach (FPA). Members will give a written individual opinion on what might be revised to improve the drafts.
  • Discuss with the Coordination Team (WP1) their respective comments to the ADVANTAGE JA drafts and ways to incorporate their feed-back into the final documents.
  • Participate in the Madrid Forum (13th December 2018) where the FPA documents will be officially presented and discussed with the ADVANTAGE JA partners and external stakeholders.

Work calendar:

  • The JA Coordinator Team will send to EAB the FPA draft document for critical reading by mid October.
  • WP1 discusses comments by the EAB and incorporates them in the final draft FPA in November.
  • EAB members actively participate at the Madrid Forum (13th December 2018)